Andrew Muriithi

Lead, Healthcare Finance and Advisory

Andrew has broad experience in impact-related healthcare finance and advisory. Before joining Samawati Capital Partners, he was on the leadership team overseeing the delivery of technical assistance to Ghanaian financial institutions participating in the CapPlus FIRST+ (Financial Institution Resilience and STrengthening) programme, where he focused on healthcare sector finance.

Andrew is an experienced SME banker, having held previous positions at Sidian Bank and SBM BANK (formerly Chase Bank) in Kenya. He has also served as director, business development, Eastern Africa for Stichting Medical Credit Fund Kenya where he led the growth of the healthcare loan portfolio through the development of innovative loan products, client acquisition, and partnership development.

Andrew’s experience spans product development and innovation, relationship management, structuring appropriate finance, value chain development, trade finance, portfolio management, financial statement analysis, credit analysis, risk management, market research, and leadership development. 

Andrew holds a BA in finance from Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, GA, US, and an EMBA from USIU-Kenya. He has also  completed the EuroMoney-SME Banking Masterclass.