In Q2 2023, Samawati Capital Partners successfully helped facilitate the closure of a USD 10m CMA facility agreement with ROBUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED PTE for an international agri-investment Fund. Robust International PTE Limited was founded in 2006, initially exporting timber products to India. In 2011, the company began trading in its current core products – raw cashew nuts and sesame seeds – eventually adding commodities such as soybeans, shea nuts, gum arabica, dried hibiscus flowers, and peanuts in 2012. An agricultural trader and processor, Robust sources soybean and sesame from farmers in Tanzania and cashews from Mozambique for sale to European and Asian markets. The company's impact lies in its work with these local farmers, purchasing directly from them while providing certification, inputs, and training, and subsequently improving their access to revenues through exports to these global offtake markets. With this newly secured financing, the company aims to trade and process a higher volume in these countries while also aiming to increase its network of local aggregators that purchase directly from the farmers.

About Samawati Capital Partners

Samawati Capital Partners is an Africa-based impact investment and advisory firm whose purpose is to direct capital strategically to the private sector in Africa so it becomes a catalyst for sustainable growth and development across the region. We are an experienced team of investment and development professionals based in Nairobi and Kampala with a diversified network of local experts in more than 20 key markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. Samawati partners with investors, non-profits, businesses, and the public sector to create sound investments and effective, sustainable impact initiatives through SMEs in sectors that can drive robust growth in Africa, including food and agribusiness, renewable energy, financial inclusion, healthcare, and education.